upholstery Cleaning

commercial & residental carpet cleaning...

Furniture is an investment expected to last many years. However, furniture of even the highest quality can become soiled and dirty. PROCLEAN America clean your upholstery with gentle cleaning methods, leaving it fresh and beautiful.

Services Include

  • Free Upholstery analysis & quote
  • Brushing Upholstery
  • Vacuuming
  • Steam Cleaning


  • Sofa - $79.99 *
  • Loveseat - $64.99 *
  • 3 Piece Sectional (or U Shaped Sofa) - $159.99 *
  • 2 Piece Sectional (or L Shaped Sofa) - $119.99 *
  • Chaise - $59.99*
  • Chair/Recliner - $49.99
  • Small Chair - $19.99
  • Ottoman - $29.99
  • Cushions - $3-$8 per
  • Pillows - $2-$5 per
  • Pre-treat (Synthetic Upholstery) – $7 per linear sq ft
  • Haitian Cotton Shampoo Pre-treat– $10 per linear sq ft
  • Sanitizer– $7 per linear sq ft
  • Protector– $7 per linear sq ft

* Up to 3 detachable cushions/pillows, additional charge for extra

Our Technicians specializes in :

Hot Water Extraction ( known as Steam Cleaning) –

Basic carpet cleaning that removes topical soil and is designed for regular maintenance, well-kept carpets, and protected carpets

Pre-Treat: Deep Cleaning & Stain Removal – For heavy traffic lanes, stairs and spots –

The key to removing stains is in the science of the pre-treat prepared by the technician. All of our technicians are IICRC certified and trained to professionally diagnose carpet and upholstery to create a designer pretreat specifically for your needs. With 17 years of experience under our belts, you can trust that our methods will leave you satisfied.

Sanitizer: Odor Elimination & Live Soil Elimination -

For eliminating odors from pets, smoke, etc. and termination of living organisms from protein deposits Our odor control and sanitizer is the best in the business. Not only do we eliminate odor, our sanitizer has enzymes that seek and destroy harmful organic soil that lives in carpet or upholstery and contaminates air quality. The process takes little time and provides great results.

Protector –

Seals carpet when fully cleaned to protect from staining